Plumbsense is proud to sponsor a child in Colombia through Compassion UK, a Christian organisation.

Daniela was 11 years old on 7th January 2013 and lives with her mother, father, sister and brother.  She lives in a Cali, a city of 2.5 million residents.  Most parents have temporary, low paying jobs in construction, domestic services or sales.  Drugs and alcohol are common problems in this area.  Malnutrition and poor hygiene contribute to medical problems such as diarrhoea, skin infections and respiratory illnesses.  Many parents cannot afford school fees after primary school.  Our support provides education, medical and dental care, hygiene and nutrition education for Daniela and her parents.

On the 1st of every month, Plumbsense donates £21 via Compassion UK.  This small amount for us is a huge amount for Daniela.  Plumbsense also sends further contributions on special occasions such as Birthdays, Christmas and Easter.  Plumbsense writes to Daniela periodically and also receives letters back.

For more information on how to sponsor a child, contact Compassion UK:

Compassion UK

43 High Street



KT13 8BB



Telephone: 01932 836490